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Getting Your Business Ready For The Holidays

It is November and we know what that means — it is the HOLIDAY SEASON! Check out these ten tips on how to “ready” your business for the holiday hustle.

  1. Set your short-term holiday business goals. For example, “I want to help x number of clients.”
  2. Reach out to your past clients. A quick touch base Zoom call can go a long way.
  3. Support a cause and/or host a virtual event. Rally your network around your philanthropic initiatives.
  4. Talk to your tribe. Gather insights from your circle to shed light on your blind spots.
  5. Paint a picture of how amazing it will be working with your company. Show people why they should choose to work with you.
  6. Focus on fewer services (three at most). You can’t be everything to everyone. Hone in on your “masterminds”.
  7. Create care packages for your loyal customers. Show some appreciation.
  8. Partner with complementary service providers. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  9. Get creative with your holiday season greetings. Send your clients a video message.
  10. Celebrate your wins out loud. Small win or big win? Celebrate with your team and clients.

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